Guide For Bulk Honey Suppliers

All honey should preferably be supplied fully homogenised in 20MT lots, in appropriate drums and fully analysed.


If you cannot fully homogenise in 20MT lots, we need to know the capacity of your tanks and how many drums comprise each lot.


All honey should be packed in new or used steel drums in perfect condition suitable for foodstuffs.

They should be:

Ideally weighing 300 kgs each and shipped in 20 foot containers with maximum capacity of around 20MT.

Quality Parameters

Honey supplied should be in accordance to the German food Laws and honey regulations but in the main the quality are parameters should be as follows:

Moisture max 18% Tylosin not detectable
HMF max 10 mg/kg Fluoroquinolones not detectable
Diastase min 15 Coumaphos not detectable
Colour as per agreement Nitrofuran not detectable
Bee repellant (Phénol, Benzaldéhyde etc..) max 50 ppb Streptomycin not Detectable
Antibiotics - not detectable P D B (Paradichlorobenzene) not detectable
Sulphonamide not detectable GMO Free not detectable
Tetracycline not detectable Glyphosate 50 ppb max
Trimethoprim not detectable Chloramphenicol max 0,1ppb
Amitraz 50ppb max Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids (PA) Max 20ppb
Animal treatments (Coumaphos, Fluvalinat) max 10ppb Glycerol max 200ppm
SM-R: negative ß-fructofuranosidase activity: n.d
TM-R: n.d. Thermoresistant alpha-amylase : n.d.
SM-B: negative GMO Triple Screening (P-35S,T-NOS,P-FMV): free
Beta/gamma-amylase max.U/kg: 4.9000 Foreign Amylaze profiling (FAmyP): negative
Foreign oligosaccharides.: n.d.


In case these are requested, samples must be sent with the appropriate sanitary certificate and invoice with no commercial value.

I have negotiated a special discount of 20% for Sapimiel suppliers & clients with a very reliable laboratory, Eurofins.

Mention Sapimiel when ordering to obtain your discount.

Here are the relevant documents and schedule of special Sapimiel negociated discount

Any questions regarding Eurofin requirements and procedure please contact Renata Domsky

Payment Guide

Nobody in the honey business will pay in advance as they need to check the quality of the honey before making any payments.  Even if you supply all the analysis results from QSI or Intertek in advance this payment term is Not Acceptable as they will want to re-analyse the honey that they will eventually receive in their warehouse before making payment and they are legally obliged to do so.

If you do not trust the client, I suggest that you ask for the following payment terms:  100% CAD at first presentation through the bank which means that before the buyer receives the documents he has to pay for the documents so as to enable him to clear the goods through customs.  Nevertheless you should be guided by me as I know all the packers because I have been in the honey business for almost 50 years and I have been dealing with most of them for many years and I know who is a good payer and who is not.

However no buyer wants to pay 100% CAD as generally they expect the supplier to give them 15 to 30 days payment terms after arrival and approval of the goods at their warehouse.  The only other terms that may be acceptable is 80% CAD and the balance 20% to be paid outside the collection within 20 days after arrival.  Of course this can be adjusted to 70/30 or 50/50 which clients are more inclined to accept as opposed to 100% CAD at first presentation.